TR6 Mikuni Flat Slide Carburetor Kits

Mikuni Carburetor Kit

Our performance replacement for the Stromberg carburetor.

Derived from the world famous Lucas sliding door injection which helped Jaguar dominate the racing world. Lucas engineers found a flat slide to have two great advantages over the typical round piston  air valve and butterfly style throttle plates. One is that it atomizes the fuel much better,  the second is it creates much greater vacuum in the manifold during 1/4 to 3/4 throttle openings. What this means is the charge is forced into the cylinders at greater speed (higher port velocity) while the finer atomized fuel particles ignite quicker and burn more complete aiding efficiency. These two features will  allow leaner jetting when accompanied by a high performance ignition system such as MSD or Mallory High Fire. The end result is great power and better fuel economy, something that usually isn't phrased together.  These flat slide carburetors work in the very same manor and incorporate an accelerator pump jet for instant throttle response. PRI has these carburetors bolting right to your existing intake manifold with their fully developed "pre-assembled" and "pre-jetted" kits for Triumph TR6. Less costly than our Quad or Six-Pack Keihin sets these kits will strongly increase throttle response and torque right from idle over the Stromberg. No maintenance required after installation. Rock solid Japanese reliability with performance that even took us by surprise!

We stand behind everything we make. Our induction kits are the ultimate and come with 100% unlimited tech support for as long as you own them. "We guaranty they will out-perform all other induction systems in their class."  Affordable quality and performance from PRI. Have us in your corner!

INDT-6-MO42D-2.5: Dual carburetor kit for 6 cylinder TR6 = $1,633.50


INDT-6-MO45D-2.5: Dual carburetor kit for 6 cylinder TR6 = $1,754.50


INDT-6-MO42T-2.5: Triple carburetor kit for 6 cylinder TR6 = $3,156.18